The Cruise LoungeThe Cruise Lounge is a specialist cruise travel agent and a sister enterprise of  The Departure Lounge Berwick.  We and offer travellers expert and professional assistance for the perfect cruise experience.  Personal experience and expert knowledge ensure our clients can relax and trust that their travel planning will be seamless, from their initial inquiry to their return back home. The Cruise Lounge will work with you for as long as it takes to plan a cruise that exceeds your every expectation and desire.

As a member of the Helloworld & American Express group, The Cruise Lounge has contracts and deals with all major cruise operators and wholesalers worldwide. This provides more choice and greater value than with most agencies or internet sites.

Our staff are privileged to have experienced many and varied destinations all over the world and can therefore offer invaluable first-hand knowledge. The scope of cruising is immense, so it always pays to speak with cruising professionals who have intimate knowledge of all the offerings by the large number of cruising operators.

Ocean Cruising

Sail aboard innovative, modern, amenity-filled ships.  Choose from family friendly ships with rock climbing, bowling, ropes courses, or even a surf simulator.  Or opt for a more adult-themed ship with contemporary spaces and onboard enrichment activities.

These cruise lines create a fun-filled atmosphere, perfect for friends and families, couples, and groups of all sizes. Action and fun are a top priority – featuring some of the best Broadway-style shows, quality dining in a variety of venues, memorable activities for kids of all ages, and other entertainment that will make you feel like you’re staying at one of the world’s top resorts. Not to mention you’ll be making port calls at some of the world’s most exciting destinations, all while only unpacking once. Now that’s a vacation everyone can agree on!

Ocean cruises have truly global reach, with options on virtually every continent.  Some cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian specialise in 7-day getaways including Caribbean, Bermuda or Mexico.  Others like Holland America have ships that travel the globe with itineraries ranging from 3 to 120 nights!

In Europe, consider an ocean cruise as a great way to cover a lot of ground, but with the convenience of only unpacking once, and a modern, amenity filled ship to return home to each day after exciting adventures ashore.  Consider the Panama Canal for an up-close look at this engineering marvel, or choose from one of many cruises to South America, Australia, New Zealand.

River Cruising

Imagine a vacation where you get to explore the treasures of Europe or Asia’s most fascinating cities, all in the lap of luxury while only unpacking once. You dock in the heart of each city, and English-speaking tour guides help you navigate through captivating town squares, and introduce you to local chefs, winemakers or chocolatiers. Each night you escape to the comfort of your stateroom while anticipating the day’s next port. Welcome to the world of river cruising. Explore the world aboard comfortable, modern ships. The Cruise Lounge is an industry leader in helping travellers craft the river cruise itinerary of their dreams, whether it’s through Spain and Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, or a number of other destinations in Europe, Russia or Southeast Asia.

Guest on river cruises are explorers, more than they are cruisers. Getting into the history, culture and really becoming immersed in the destination is what these travellers are all about. They also know that a river cruise is one of the best ways to cover a lot of destinations without the wasted time of packing, unpacking and travelling over the road.

Most river cruise lines offer itineraries from Budapest to Amsterdam  combining larger cultural centres like Budapest, Vienna, Cologne and Amsterdam with charming villages in Germany and Austria.  Along the way, you’ll see stunning scenery including castles, rolling vineyards, and steep gorges – and of course – many locks!

Other popular European destinations include Provence and the South of France, or Paris and Normandy.  One of our favourite river cruise destinations is the Douro Valley in Portugal, the whole region a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Closer to home, river cruises can take you deep into Vietnam and Cambodia on the Mekong, through the great Yangtze river in China, or along the Irrawady in Mynamar.

Finally, there’s even unique itineraries aboard very intimate ships with just 20-30 guests sailing on the Zambezi river in Africa, or the Amazon in Peru.

Adventure Cruising

Variously known as Adventure, Expedition and Small Ship Cruising, Adventure Cruising is the smallest, but fastest growing niche of the three standard cruising types. As a niche travel genre, expedition cruising is not for everybody and really needs the informed knowledge and experience of a cruising specialist to determine suitability. That’s where we come in.

Passengers aboard expedition vessels expect expert guides and lecturers to help them interpret the rich cultural and natural histories expedition destinations deliver. Academics, researchers and authors are common both as lecturers and passengers, adding to healthy discussions and enrapturing dinner conversation.

A true expedition cruise consists of a voyage plan and itinerary that has inbuilt flexibility. In the capricious Antarctic waters, all activities and sight-seeing is weather and ice dependent. Passengers are reminded of this time and time again and it is quite common for completely unscheduled landings to take place in fallback planning. The same exists for expedition cruises in tropical waters.